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Grounded in the blues, Fuel Junkie is strongly influenced by funk and soul music. Maple Blues Award Horn Player of the Year winner Mark LeClerc founded the group with close friends met during his music studies. Singer, saxophonist and composer of the band, he came up with the idea of a saxophone section brought to the spotlight by creative arrangements. The combination of the classic power trio with three saxophones gives the band its unique identity that stands out on the blues scene. Spontaneous interaction between the band members during solo sections make way for unexpected and standout moments at every concert. The group is known by its fans for the constant flow of energy and authenticity during every performance.


Since the release of their second album All Out in 2019, Fuel Junkie has performed in a number of festivals around Québec, Ontario and New Brunswick, such as the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, Festival International du Blues de Tremblant, Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival (Fredericton, NB) and more. They won the Montréal Blues Society's Québec to Memphis competition which led to their participation in the 2020 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, where they reached the semi-finals.


Presently, Fuel Junkie is working on their third studio album, set to release in October 2023. The group is excited to showcase their continued musical evolution with brand new songs perfect both for the stage and for long winding roads.



"All Out is a pleasant surprise. It fires on all cylinders if your tastes run toward horn bands and sounds of the big city."

Blues Blast Magazine

"The band resonates with plenty of pulsating sound that’s sure to thrill. Fuel Junkie’s combination of new material, instrumental prowess, high-octane vocals, and collective energy will take them far."

Roots Music Report

"Fuel Junkie’s new album, All Out, starts with the title song — an explosion of thrilling sound that sets the course for the trip to follow. The next 10 tracks maintain the energy of that ambitious kickoff, and expand on the band’s impeccable showmanship by displaying the fulfilled potential of every musician onboard."

"The songs on All Out display a love and facility with the form, played with casual yet precise discipline. This is also one of the best produced albums I’ve heard all year- the drums were recorded perfectly, the bass rumbles and flows confidently through the bottom end, LeClerc’s voice is positioned well in the mix… everything sounds very alive for a studio recording."

The Rock Doctor


Meet The Band


Mark LeClerc

Lead Vocal/Tenor sax


Philippe Brochu

Tenor sax


Patrice Luneau

Baritone sax

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Antoine Loiselle



Jean-François Charest



Philippe Fleury




Brian Slack - Zeb Productions
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